Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych is sure that currently all MPs candidates and parties are on equal footing.

"In our opinion, the parties and the candidates in majority districts are equal. The equal conditions have been created by everyone and the violations, which happen sometimes, are caused by human factor emotions. People cannot live without emotion," Yanukovych during the meeting with the heads of foreign diplomatic missions of Ukraine.

According to him, the parliamentary election is important political event. The President expressed the belief that this election will not be worse than the last presidential and local elections.
He noted that the law on election was promptly adopted with the participation of the opposition. Yanukovych admitted that the law has some flaws and they will be corrected after the election on the basis of election campaign observations.

Yanukovych stressed that the electoral process is going on in Ukraine is under round the clock monitoring of relevant structures.

"It is important that when we come out of the campaign, we do not have any bad consequences. We will do our best to avoid any harassment, any threat of destabilization in the country," the President said. He stressed that stability is the most important thing for the country.

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