Ukrainian passport will be produced in the form of a card containing a contactless electronic media.
233 MPs out of 308 registered in the session hall voted for the adoption of the law "On the Unified State Register of demographics and documents confirming the citizenship of Ukraine, proving his identity or special status."

According to the document, Ukrainian passport is an identity document and proof of citizenship of Ukraine.
A passport of citizen of Ukraine is made for all individuals from birth, regardless of age, and revised for every ten years.

Ukrainian passport is produced in the form of a card containing a contactless electronic media. Ukrainian passport include the following information: name of the state, the name of the document; surname, name of the person, sex, nationality, date of birth, a unique entry number in the registry, document number, date of expiry of the document, the date of issuance of the document, the authorized entity that issued the document, place of birth, a digitized image of the person; digitized signature.

Ukrainian passport for travel abroad is in the form of booklet, which contains the right bookend contactless electronic media, and consists of a soft cover, 32 pages and page of data.

The bill also defines the list of identity documents and proof of citizenship of Ukraine: Ukrainian passport, Ukrainian passport for travel abroad; seafarers, crew member certificate, identity card for return to Ukraine, a temporary certificate of a citizen of Ukraine, identification documents personality and its special status: driver's license, certificate of stateless person for travel abroad; residence; migrant card, certificate of refugee, refugee travel document, other proof of identity and its special status as defined by the laws of Ukraine.

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