Gold and value reserves of the National bank of Ukraine make almost $30 billion, chief of the group of advisors to the NBU head Valeriy Lytvytsky said during a press conference "Review of the current macroeconomic situation," ForUm correspondent reports.

"Our reserves are stable. At the beginning of the year they made $31 billion. $1-2 billion fluctuations are a normal thing," the financier said. He informed that the financial account of balance of payments registered in August 25-percent growth of direct foreign investments, net inflow of which made $875 million by the end of the month. 

Moreover, according to the banker, inflow of foreign currency in Ukraine exceeds the financing requirement of import. "Following the August results, the net capital inflow dominates for the second month in a raw. In July it made $808 million, in August - $615 million. The financial account also shows proficit for the second month in a raw," Lytvytsky said.

He also added that the growth of trade balance deficit has finally slowed down (from $1297 mln in July to $1072 mln in August). "Finally, in August, we had accumulative dynamics of balance of payment with proficit of $304 million," the specialist summed up.


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