Ukraine consistently conducts a policy based on the principles and values of unconditional respect for human rights and freedoms, President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych said at the international summit on the protection of national minorities “Experience of Ukraine for the World", President’s press office reports.

President called symbolic and logical decision to hold the Forum, which brought together representatives of different ethnic groups and religions, experts, politicians to discuss the challenges and threats. He recalled that in June 1992, in Ukraine there was adopted a law on national minorities in Ukraine, which was a significant contribution to the international system of legal protection of human rights in interethnic relations.

"All citizens of our country, regardless of their national, ethnic, religious or linguistic identity were guaranteed equal political, economic, social and cultural rights," the President said.

President believes that Ukrainian experience is important in today's global context, first of all, as an example of peaceful and stable development of international relations, avoidance of ethnic and religious conflicts in the period of state formation.



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