President Viktor Yanukovych said that conditions for the development of any and all national minorities are ensured in Ukraine.

"Ukraine has not only guaranteed the rights of ethnic minorities in laws, but also has ensured the conditions for self-organization and ethno-cultural revival," President said at the international summit on the protection of national minorities “Experience of Ukraine for the World".

In addition, Yanukovych stressed that respect for culture, traditions and historical memory of national minorities is the basis of the Ukrainian people lifestyle.

"Today, cultural diversity is the real value of the Ukrainian society, the guarantee of its unity, an obstacle to the spread of xenophobia and extremism, which are now becoming increasingly worrying phenomenon in different parts of the world," he stressed.

According to the President, mechanisms of the state ethnic policy have been significantly improved recently, the work on the state ethnic policy strategy, strategy to combat discrimination, the new version of the law on national minorities, as well as the improvement and harmonization with international standards of migration law continues.

In general, Yanukovych considers international harmony to be the major achievement of Ukraine.

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