Deputy chairman of the Central Election Commission of Ukraine Andriy Mahera said that the election campaign 2012 resembles the presidential election 2004 in terms of violations. According to him, the return of the majority component added a lot of problems, in particular, the bribing of voters. "Candidates have never done it so openly and confidently," the CEC member said.
Also, he is surprised at the practice of courts, when one candidate receive a certain sentence, but another one, in the same situation, receives quite the opposite sentence.

Deputy chairman of the Central Election Commission informed of more complaints about vote-buying. "However, the election law allows the CEC to warn a candidate only if there is a relevant court decision. The same applies to the spreading of false information about candidates," he explained.
"Many people complain that there is no effective mechanism for responsibility of candidates for violation of electoral legislation. As for me, it is good that there is no mechanism for de-registration of candidates on these grounds. In the current situation this norm would work rather against fairness of the electoral process, since it opens space for manipulation," Mahera said.

Also, according to him, the second largest type of violation is obstacles in the conduct of the election campaign. "I do not understand the wild tricks when there are attacks on agitators. Everyone has the right to campaign for or against he wants to. In addition, I would like the political parties not to disrupt the work of the commissions through their representatives in the commissions," he said.

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