Pricing energy, including Russian natural gas, should be economically justified, ambassador for energy and transport issues of Lithuanian Foreign Ministry Vitauskas Nauduzas told ForUm correspondent.

"It is important to ensure energy on reliable base, with no surprises. Currently, Ukraine pays about $ 430 per 1 thousand cubic meters of Russian natural gas. That is, on average, more than the European Union does, while Ukraine is much closer to Russia than Germany and France. The same with us - we are closer to Russia, but pay more than other EU countries," he said.

According to Nauduzas, it is important that "there are no unsuccessful contracts on applications for the gas purchase, so that producers do not lose, and, of course, customers do not lose".

"Therefore, the EU has taken various measures to do something about this problem, and I think that we can achieve international standards and norms for these prices to be streamlined," he said.

In addition, Nauduzas stressed the need to develop alternative energy. "Clearly, if there are no reproducing energy carriers, if there is no shale gas, if there are many other things, it will be difficult to achieve changes in pricing policies. It is not enough to put a goal to ensure energy security, there should be more developed energy infrastructure. This is very important. Russia itself is interested in selling energy EU, as China does not pay such sums of money, as Ukraine and the EU do. So the Gazprom also depends on the EU," he concluded.

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