Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych signed the law on amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine on improving the activity of the prosecutor's office, the President’s press service informs.
According to the advisor to the President of Ukraine - head of the main department of judiciary of the President’s Administration Andriy Portnov, the law contains provisions aimed at optimizing and reducing the existing powers of the prosecution.

"The head of state signed the law deprives the prosecutor of the right to make regulations and protests, demanding unconditional and immediate compliance from legal entities and individuals. After the entry into force of the provisions of this act, stopping business activities initiated by the prosecutor can only be done after the court’s ruling. Such a procedure would introduce competition judicial procedure in the relationship between the prosecutor and the subject of entrepreneurship. The proposed approach will have positive economic consequences, as it will reduce the impact of authorities on the conduct of business activities," advisor to the President of Ukraine said.

"I am convinced that the initiative of MPs, adopted by the Parliament and supported by the President is an important step towards reforming the prosecution’s office and bringing its functions and powers in accordance with the European standards," Portnov said.

"However, the President believes that this step is important, but not enough to complete the reform of the prosecutor's office. Therefore, a working group under the guidance of the Head of State continues working and will soon submit to the Parliament proposals that will systematically and radically reform the prosecutor’s office. Further developments will necessarily be sent for examination to the European institutions," official said.

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