Oshchadbank claims that it is profitable to originate loans within the Affordable Housing program, president of the Oschadbank Serhiy Podrezov told a briefing, ForUm correspondent reports.

"As of today, we issued about 170 loans, 34 million worth," he said and assured that the government fulfills its obligation on percent compensation. "We receive compensation. We have no problems with this," Podrezov said.

He also explained that it is profitable for the Oschadbank to participate in this lending program. "We understand that this is the government program, it is compensated and it (program - Ed.) will work. Why do we insist on a 25 percent mandatory first installment? To picket in the future such loans and turn them into bonds. Further these bonds with 12.5 % yield can be refinanced or in the NBU, or to sell on the market and get more resources with 12% yield. That is, credit works two times running.
And this chain can be prolonged indefinitely. So for us the deal is beneficial," Podrezov informed.

As for refusals to originate the loan, Podrezov did not give exact figures. "For example, a person comes, consults, his family income per month is five thousand UAH, and he has to pay 2.5 thousand, of course, there is a question - what do next. Sometimes a person does not fit the standards, which are written in the decree of the Cabinet or the housing size is not appropriate," Podrezov explained.

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