As of September 19, the Oschadbank compensated $ 3 billion 36 million 730 thousand UAH to more than 3 million 209 thousand USSR Savings Bank depositors, president of the Oschadbank Serhiy Podrezov told a briefing, ForUm correspondent reports.

According to him, the compensations were paid to those who registered this year and did not receive compensation in 2008.

Podrezov also said that other 200 thousand are in line to be paid and the registration of those people who have not received the money yet is continuing.

"You know, we have another innovation – since September 1 we have started the registration of those who had already received money in 2008 - they need to update their data and get the social cards ... We also have started registration of those who have never been compensated," he said.
Podrezov reported that as of today about 80 thousand people registered for updating their data and 1 million 250 thousand "completely new people who have never been in the bank" were registered," the official said.

He also said that there are three ways to register: via SMS, call center and e-mail.
40% of citizens register via website or SMS. 1600 thousand people used the website to register, 149 thousand used SMS, 41 people called to register.

Podrezov also states that "there are no queues. Everything goes quiet. We expect that this year and in the first quarter of the next, all the registered will receive social cards ... Currently, there are many cases of use of the card and about thousand shops give a 5 - 15% discount to its owners," the head of the Oshchadbank said.

According to him, the budgeted 8 billion will be enough to compensate the former USSR Savings Bank deposits.

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