Experts predict a partial weakening of the USA dollar against the Ukrainian hryvnia due to announcement of the US Federal Reserve of the third round of quantitative easing QE3, as a result the Federal Reserve would buy monthly mortgage bonds worth 40 billion dollar.

"It is clear that this decision will promote the weakening of dollar against other currencies, including hryvnia, so this will give our national currency a breather, and devaluation expectations in the short term will take backseat," head of the research and analysis department of Raiffeisen Bank Aval Dmytro Solohub said.

Thus, in his view, further tendency to weaken the dollar against the hryvnia will prevent the imbalance in foreign trade of Ukraine.

Managing partner of the investment company «Capital Times» Eirk Naiman agrees that the devaluation pressure on the hryvnia will decrease due to the appropriate decision of the US Federal Reserve.

"Such policy will lead to weakening of the dollar. This will help the National Bank to support the hryvnia exchange rate for the definite period and weaken the devaluation pressure," the financial expert said.

Besides, according to him, QE3 will also help to facilitate external debt service of Ukraine.


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