The country must be prepared for any development of the external economic situation, vice Prime Minister, social policy minister Serhiy Tihipko said at the international conference "Improving the business environment - the main factor of creating a competitive economy", ForUm correspondent reports.

"We need to build a strong line of defense to minimize the impact of any global crisis. I would put the question differently: we must become more competitive after emerging from the crisis. It is quite possible," the vice PM said.

According to him, the main task is to create the adequate conditions for domestic and foreign investors.

"First of all, we need the production, which will replace imports and strengthen exports - high-tech enterprises with high added value products. How can we achieve that? The answer is quite simple: we should switch on a "green light" for our business, and lay the red carpet before it. The main thing is not to mix colors," the official stressed.

According to Tihipko, the same issues were discussed at the Yalta European Strategy (YES).

"We came to the conclusion that not to obstruct business is a key condition for creation of high-tech economy in Ukraine. Deregulation is a necessary element of the struggle for national economy. For investors, it is as important as judiciary, protection of property rights, political stability. If we build a defense against the crisis, deregulation is a mandatory part of the defensive structures," Tihipko concluded.


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