First deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine Renat Kuzmin declares that no political statements and blackmail will help Yulia Tymoshenko get out of jail.

He noted that the issue of Tymoshenko’s release is entirely within the competence of the law enforcement and the judicial system of Ukraine.

"No political statements, political slogans, blackmail and threats will lead to a positive decision. The only possible solution is a solution within the legal field," he said during the discussion devoted to the case of ex-Prime Minister of Ukraine at the Yalta European Strategy 9th annual meeting.
Kuzmin added that no deputy has a legal right to come to the prison, open the gates and let a prisoner get out of jail.

"No Prime Minister and no President, including the President of the European Parliament can do this. Only the court has such a right," the first deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine said.
Kuzmin said he is confident that Tymoshenko is now in jail thanks to the only one person - her lawyer.

"The only person contributed to imprisonment of the ex-prime minister. It is her lawyer, who built such a defense in court that his client had not a single chance to win the process," Kuzmin stressed, adding that the defense came to political methods.
According to Kuzmin, he knows the principle of presumption of innocence and has never allowed himself to break it.

"But even now I will repeat what I said in the European Parliament - the prosecution has sufficient evidence to bring new charges against Yulia Tymoshenko. This is true," the first deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine said.



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