The high gas price for Ukraine is explained by market pricing used by the Gazprom. If Kyiv wants more favorable terms, based on political partnership, it should think about the possible joining the Customs Union, vice Prime Minister of Russia Arkady Dvorkovich said.

"There is political partnership or the market. Let's choose ... If the market, there will certainly be price discrimination. If Ukraine wants profitable (gas) relations with Russia, perhaps it needs to join the Customs Union," he said, speaking at the YES 9th annual meeting on Saturday.
Dvorkovich said that the Gazprom is the independent company and the government does not interfere in its work, although it is sometimes requested to do so by the Ukrainian government, in particular.

According to him, the decline in gas prices would mean a loss of the Gazprom, which in the case of the Customs Union are compensated by other benefits.

In turn, the former state secretary of the USA Condoleezza Rice questioned the independence of the Gazprom, as it is the public company. She reminded that it was the President of Russia, who announced the termination of supply in the recent gas conflict between Kyiv and Moscow, not the head of the Gazprom. "This is the case, when we see how the price is determined by the market or politics in the most aggressive form," Rice said.

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