Ukraine should clearly define which interstate unions it wants to integrate into. Otherwise, sooner or later, it may fall into international isolation, Swedish foreign Minister Carl Bildt considers.

"I do not see, unfortunately, the vision and strategy of Ukraine," he said. "Ukraine wants to have relationship with the EU, the Customs Union, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and other organizations. But if you go anywhere, you will be nowhere. It is impossible to upgrade without being committed to one strategy and vision," Bildt said on Saturday during the session devoted to the choice of Ukraine between East and West, as part of the YES 9th annual meeting.

According to him, the euro-zone is in crisis today, but rather rapid growth of the Eastern Europe countries and proves that the European model of integration, as such, is a viable and promising one.

Ukraine, according to the diplomat, should fit into the European model of integration, not delaying the process. As "other 100 million people are knocking on our door too. The Turks are knocking very loudly and we have to think how millions of people from Eastern and Southern Europe will integrate".

In order to effectively fit into the European model, Ukraine must clearly define its priorities – in fact, not in word.

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