Former state secretary of the USA Condoleezza Rice considers that the relations between the USA and Ukraine will not depend on the results of the upcoming USA presidential election, she said in an interview with Ukrainian TV channel.

She noted that the USA is concerned about the weakness of democratic institutions in Ukraine, and some issues arise in the case of former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko.

Rice expressed confidence that improvement of the image of Ukraine in the United States of America and the world will depend on the development of the processes of democratization.

At the same time, she recognized that Ukraine is a young country and needs time to consolidate the democratic values.

"President Yanukovych, in particular, told about the important direction - the fight against corruption. But it also needs a lot of time. But we follow closely the changes of your institutions, whether they perform their duties to the nation, and whether the respect for democratic norms is growing," Rice added.

She also expressed a hope that Ukraine will continue to follow the European integration.

As a reminder, the USA presidential election will be held on November 6.


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