One of the basic priorities for Ukraine is development of cooperation in the Black Sea region, because this region is geo-strategic link connecting Europe, Asia and the Middle East, President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych said, speaking at the 9th annual meeting of Yalta European Strategy, the President’s press service informs.

According to him, new transport infrastructure, new energy transit routes are being developed in the Black Sea region. "The Black Sea region, without exaggeration, becomes a major communicative hub, only in the context of trade and economic relations and energy supplies," Yanukovych said.
Yanukovych stressed that cooperation between countries creates an original bridge between civilizations, due to which Europe and Asia exchange cultural products.

"That is why Ukraine has high hopes for full cooperation with the countries of the region. As an active member of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation, we will make efforts to fill its activities with practical content," he said.

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