European Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy Stefan Füle said that Europe does not impose its partnership on Ukraine. Ukraine has declared its willingness to cooperate, so it should meet a number of requirements set by the EU, Füle told reporters today, on September 14, in Yalta, where the 9th Forum of the Yalta European Strategy is held.

"We do not impose a decision on the policy and political course, the decision of Ukraine to be the closest partner of the EU, and, perhaps, even the EU member in the future. Such a decision is not taken in Brussels, not even in the office of any officer or politician in Kyiv. This decision reflects the consensus in the country. And once the decision is made, it is reasonable to say that the authorities, the people who made this decision should fulfill a step-by-step program," the EU Commissioner said.

According to Füle, the task for Europe is to help Ukraine answer the questions it asks the EU.
"When we are asked what to do, we come and help," the Commissioner said.
Füle said it is important to hold the parliamentary election in Ukraine this fall in compliance with all international standards.

In addition, he stressed that situation in Ukraine, formed after the election, is important to Europe.
According to Füle, the EU wants Ukraine to have such government, which would pay enough attention to the EU-Ukraine relations.

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