The Agrarian Policy and Food Ministry of Ukraine insisted on the exclusive right of the Agrarian Exchange to register grain export contracts, head of the Trade Ministry Agrarian Market Economic Development department Serhiy Kvasha told a press conference.

According to Kvasha, Economic Development and Trade Ministry initiated changes in the legislation on commodities exchange market and a number of changes "in the future will provoke a certain discomfort in the work of the Agrarian Exchange."

According to Kvasha, registration of grain export contracts in the Agrarian Exchange allows Agrarian Policy Ministry to get information about the contracted volumes of grain and grain prices and, if necessary, to quickly influence the market. If all certified commodity exchanges can register such contracts, it will complicate and delay the receipt of data and, therefore, the Department will lose the ability to quickly respond to market changes.

In addition, Kvasha noted that other commodity exchanges can develop exchange trade through other goods. "Agrarian Exchange is to work with the agricultural market. There are enough other products in the Ukrainian market to develop - stock trading fertilizers, metals, ore," Kvasha added.


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