The first ten industrial parks will be created in Ukraine, head of the State Agency for Investment and National Projects Management Vladyslav Kaskiv told the international conference "New Industrialization: employment and decent work", ForUm correspondent reports.

In particular, he reminded that the law on industrial parks, on which the authors had worked for four years, was finally adopted on September 4.

According to Kaskiv, the law allows to start the process of industrialization of modern Ukraine. So, the manufacturers can apply to the Agency for assignment of the status of the industrial park. A special commission to consider such applications will be formed in the next month.
Officials said that the process of assigning such status will be totally transparent.

In addition, ten industrial parks will be established in different regions of the country. To determine the region, a general analysis of industrial capacity in the territory and feasibility studies will be conducted.

The analysis will be conducted by the world famous company. However, head of the State Agency for Investment and National Projects Management did not voice its name.
Officials say that implementation of this project will allow Ukraine to significantly improve its positions, to become a unique industrial site, which will attract production leaders focused on European markets.
In addition, Kaskiv said that "we are on the threshold of joining FTA with the EU," which also has a positive impact on the development of this very project and, therefore, the country as a whole.

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