Kyivsky district court of Kharkiv postponed hearing of the criminal case against former PM Yulia Tymoshenko being accused of abuse as the head of the Unified Energy Systems of Ukraine (UESU) until October 15. The corresponding resolution was read out by the presiding judge Kostyantyn Sadovski at the court’s meeting.

"The court decided that the hearing is impossible in absence of Tymoshenko. The hearing is postponed until 10 a.m., October 15, 2012," he said.

Then Sadovski closed the meeting.

At the trial the prosecution petitioned for the postponement of hearing due to the absence of Tymoshenko.

Defender of Tymoshenko, MP Serhiy Vlasenko, petitioned for postponement of hearing till the recovery of Tymoshenko.

The court’s meeting lasted about 20 minutes.



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