The consumption of domestic freshwater fish will be increased due to the increase of its production in the inland waters. Stocking inland waters with fish is one of the steps to boost fishing industry in Ukraine, agrarian policy and food minister Mykola Prysiazhniuk said.

"Today, there is a large percentage of imports in Ukraine’s fish consumption. Therefore the state should implement clear objectives for the development of the fishing industry. The main thing to do is cheapening freshwater fish in the domestic market due to restocking inland waters," Prysiazhniuk said, the Agrarian Policy Ministry press service informed.

The minister also noted the need to increase the production of fish in the sea areas.
"We plan to pass a bill, which would regulate the number and shape of the catch to avoid abuse.
This will help to increase the production of marketable fish in Ukraine. We will also address issues of ocean fleet, in particular the technical re-equipment and reconstruction of the lost potential," Prysiazhniuk added.

The minister noted that Ukraine will be able to bring the fishing industry to the next level thanks to the assistance of the state, coordinated work of the respective companies and young skilled workers.

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