In the near future the National Bank and the Finance Ministry will introduce a new financial tool that will allow citizens to exercise their lucrative investments in foreign currencies - treasury bills in dollars, head of the NBU Serhiy Arbuzov said on the air of the ICTV channel on September 9.

According to him, the interest in this type of government debt instrument will be paid semi-annually. Circulation term for treasury bonds is two years.

Arbuzov said that this tool is very attractive for investors.

"The Finance Ministry and the National Bank release a new tool - treasury bonds, which are 100% guaranteed by the state, have a good yield - about nine percent and will be denominated in the foreign currency. And if people listen to the National Bank, the Finance Ministry and use this tool instead of buying the dollar, people will benefit from this," he said.

According to him, this will definitely eliminate the devaluation expectations, fueled by politically motivated experts.

"Inflation, even the dollar inflation, is covered by nine percent. These securities can be sold at any time and you can no longer pay attention to the quotation of foreign currency," Arbuzov assured.

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