In Ukraine there are several myths about people with mental disorders, chairman of the Ukrainian Psychiatric of Semen Hluzman said, ForUm correspondent reports.

"The first myth goes about the danger of psychiatric patients. This is a convenient myth, often used by politicians, as it is a simple explanation of complex issues. However, the whole civilized world knows that the vast majority of violent crimes are committed by the so-called healthy people," he said.

According to Hluzman, the second myth is that Ukrainians treat people with mental disorders very badly. He cited data of the KMIS survey, which showed that about 80% of the population are sympathetic with psychiatric patients. "Only 1.4% of respondents confirmed that treat such people with disgust. I have studied similar surveys in other countries, and turn out to be rather tolerant," the expert said.

In his view, the main problem lies in integration of these people into society.

In turn, the deputy head of the WHO in Ukraine Ihor Pokanevych noted that the world is home to around a billion people with different disabilities. "Of them, 1/5 or 230 million face stigmatization and stereotyping," he concluded.

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