The Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation appealed to the Commercial Court of Kyiv with the claim to oblige the Ukraine’s government to pay Russia 3.239.450.000 UAH in the case of the United Energy Systems of Ukraine corporation.

The Court admitted the claims of the Russian Ministry to examination. 

Russia also demanded to summon not only the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, but the State Treasury Service of Ukraine as well. The UESU is a third party on the defendant’s side.

The claims of the Russian Defense Ministry were received on August 27, 2012. At the meeting, held on September 5, the court turned to the merits of the case, having listened to the explanations of the parties. However, the representatives of the defendants made an application to defer consideration of the case, which was satisfied by the court.

The consideration of the claim of the Russian authorities was put off till 09 a.m., September 12, 2012.

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