If Ukraine were a member of the Customs Union, the Russia’s introduction of vehicle recycling tax on foreign would not affect it, director of the Center for Civil Society Vitaly Kulik told ForUm.

"By introducing such a tax, the Kremlin makes it clear: it is better to be in the Customs Union. If you read the text of the document, it is easy to see: the CU member states shall not pay it," the expert said.

In his view, Russia and the Customs Union have the right to introduce such innovations and it will be difficult to appeal against these protective measures through the WTO and especially the FTA within the CIS. "These are not the traditional measures (anti-dumping or special ones), that is to say, the additional tax. Nowadays, many countries are practicing something like this. Just in the West the procedure is more delicate: for example, through a package of environmental requirements to the quality of imported products," he said.

"As for the response measures, they are quite possible (for the same reason). The figures, voiced by the Prime Minister of Ukraine, are rather realistic. It is not a good idea to worsen the relations with the Russians again, but on the other hand, the policy of force must meet adequate response," Kulik summed up.


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