Strengthening of the European integration should become a response to the European crisis, first vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Valeriy Khoroshkovsky said at the World Economic Forum held on September 4 in the Polish Krynica-Zdroj town, the press service of the official reported.

According to him, the crisis in the European Union should become an impulse to strengthen the European integration processes. "Free movement of goods, services, capital and people was the foundation of the EU. Now it should become the foundation for stability and prosperity in the whole of Europe," he stressed.

Khoroshkovsky said that the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU can improve the European integration in Eastern Europe. "This will benefit not only Europe. This is necessary for the EU and Ukraine as well. The correct answer to this crisis is a search for new markets and incentives. I am convinced that our economy and our citizens will feel the positive effects of such action. We need more integration," he added.


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