The weakening of the hryvnia rate is caused by its liquidity expansion. If there are some manifestations of disbalance, the National Bank is ready to intervene in the situation, Director of the NBU General Department of Monetary Policy Olena Shcherbakova informed.

"Yesterday at the beginning of the day, the amount of bank liquidity was quite high - about 25 billion UAH. It was caused by the fact that on August 31, the NBU held tender for annual funding amounting to 3.8 billion," she said.

According to her, it was a tentative move to provide refinancing loans up to one year, as part of the policy coordinated with the IMF. She said that the provision was made, yesterday, on September 4.
Shcherbakovs added that the hryvnia’s liquidity expansion has contributed to the revitalization of the banks, having expanded the scope of decision-making in the monetary market.
"The National Bank closely monitors the status and dynamics of the monetary market. In case of disbalance, the Bank is ready to apply an appropriate set of regulatory measures," Shcherbakova concluded.

Yesterday, on September 4, the quotes for national currency continued to fall at the Ukrainian interbank market. As a result, the national currency fell to the 2009 level. When closing the interbank, dollar cost 8.1800-8.2000 UAH. In early trading it was worth 8.1370-8.1430 UAH.



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