The Central Election Commission of Ukraine prioritized granting of the air time on radio and television and printed space for campaigning of the candidates, running in single-member constituencies, at the state budget cost. As ForUm correspondent reports, the decision has been taken at today's meeting of the CEC.

The priorities were determined by drawing lots for all 22 districts. In particular, 48 envelopes with numbers were placed inside the drum. The CEC Secretariat officials drew lots in three stages: the first stage draw defined priorities of granting airtime on television, the second - air time on the radio, and the third – printed space in the regional media.
As deputy head of the CEC Andriy Mahera, who presided over the meeting, explained, 48 envelopes were placed inside the drum, as that is the maximum number of candidates registered in one single-mandate district - Kyiv region.

The single-mandate deputies candidates lists for the draw were formed by alphabetical principle. If the last names were the same, then the names were prioritized by the first name or by the patronymic names, if the first names were identical as well.
Mahera also said that among the candidates is the case of a complete identical name. In this case, the CEC provides an advantage to a candidate who earlier appealed to the CEC for registration.

The draw results will be published on the CEC website.

The total number of single-mandate deputies candidates is 3105 people.



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