If the Parliament adopts the changes to the language law, prepared by the relevant working group, it will significantly influence the mood of the population. The people, outraged by the language law, will understand that the situation is under control and peace in the society is ensured, advisor to the President of Ukraine, former deputy prime minister, literary scholar Mykola Zhulynsky told ForUm.

"The essence of these changes is the status of the Ukrainian language, the protection of its functioning, rights and obligations," he stressed.

At the same time, the advisor to the President said that it is hard to say whether the Parliament will pass the amended law.

"Currently, the draft law is being submitted to the National Academy of Sciences. The experts of the Shevchenko Literature Institute, the Ukrainian Language Institute and possibly of other institutions will be involved in the examination of the draft law. Approximately on September 7-8 meeting, the meeting of the working group will be held to review the final version and submit it to the Cabinet or the President's Administration. The new version clearly marks that a particular language can be recognized regional, if there not less than 30% of native speakers in a certain area," he said.
According to Zhulynsky, the most important thing is that the regional councils will not have the right to decide on the status of the language, as it is the prerogative of the law.

"But the communities will be able to apply for granting a particular language the status of a regional one. They will have to apply to a regional council, the council - to the Parliament, and it alone will decide whether to recognized a language as a regional one," advisor to the President explained.


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