This year, twelve thousand social workers will be employed by the Family, Children and Young People Social Services Center, children's ombudsman Yuri Pavlenko told a briefing before the international conference “Protection of children's rights in terms of social adaptation of orphans and children deprived of parental care", ForUm correspondent reports.

According to him, this year the government has made changes to the budget, and now the training and recruitment of social workers is going on.

The Children's Ombudsman said that one of the areas of their work will be granting help to orphans after training in boarding schools. "It often happens that leaving a boarding school, a child gets quite a large sum, accumulated during his upbringing - different social benefits and severance pay, which he squanders in a few months and leaves without money, housing, work and education. So, a special social method to teach children to form their budget has been introduced through a network of social hostels," the official informed.

According to him, he is aware of the facts when social workers banned a boarding school leaver to spend money on what he wanted to, accumulated those funds, attracted charities and helped the child to buy an apartment.

According to Pavlenko, as of September 1, 10 thousand social workers were recruited. Now they are being trained.



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