Today, Ukraine needs rubbish recycling plants a lot, as the whole country has been already cluttered with garbage, Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov said during a lecture at the Kyiv Institute of Architecture and Construction.

The Prime Minister said that he had looked student projects and noted that they all related to our real life.

"For example, there is the construction of rubbish recycling plants. Do we need them? We desperately do, as we have cluttered with dumps the whole country," Azarov added.

He noted that the construction of rubbish recycling plants is not a task to ignore. And they will be built in Kyiv, he said.

The Prime Minister stressed that it is important to associate them into the architecture of the city. "For example, there is a rubbish recycling plant in the center of Vienna... This is a very original structure and it is hard to believe that it carries such function. This is a very beautiful tower," the Prime Minister said.


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