80 years is a respectful age, which always draws public's attention, especially when the man of the hour is world-known director-animator David Cherkasski. His "Adventures of captain Vrungel", "Treasure island" and "Doctor Aybolit" have been included in the golden fund of Ukrainian animation and continue to make happy both kids and adults.

On August 30, all those who wished to congratulate the 'father' of pirates, including Ukraine's artists, producers, poets, musicians and actors, gathered in the Russian center of science and culture in Kyiv for the opening of the art exhibition of Ukrainian artist Radny Sakhaltuyev "About pirates and good people."

Apart from Sakhaltuyev's pictures, the comers could enjoy episodes of Cherkasski's cartoons, and kids could taste the real treasure - chocolate piastres.

Evhen Paperny performed for journalists "Bandito, gangsterito", posing in front of his prototype Dr. Livsi and told about the days they were voicing the animated characters.  

"When we arrived in Moscow with the first version of "Doctor Aybolit", the executives were shocked. This cartoon is for kids, you know, and you made it for adults - they told us then. Thus, we had to remake the whole thing to make the characters more adapted for children," Paperny recalls.

Volodymyr Bystryakov recalled how David Cherkasski was making soundtracks for the cartoons. "Everything depended on his girl's mood the day before. If the girl said 'yes', all songs were perfect, but the girl said 'no', well we had a lot of work to do... "

The very birthday man told us he did not expect his friends to organize such a festival and laughed at his image as a pirate.

"What a pirate am I? I am a normal living person, a cheerful Kyivan. You know, we, Kyiv residents, are special people. I believe my sense of humor and the one of my colleagues and friends comes from the fact that we are native Kyiv residents." 

The director does not hide that at this age he is still full of new plans. He also confirmed that rumors about his new animation works for cinemas are not rumors, though he did not give any details, keepingthem in secret.

Well, let's hope that the most cheerful Ukrainian animator will keep pleasing us with new masterpieces and let's wish him strong health, unchangeable sense of humor and grateful audience.

Anastasia Pika, photos by Maxim Trebukhov


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