The hryvnia counterfeiting in Ukraine stays at a primitive level, deputy head of the National Bank of Ukraine Vira Rychakovska told a press conference, ForUm correspondent reports.

"The level of counterfeiting the hryvnia banknotes is one of the lowest. In 2011, among one million of genuine banknotes, 3.4 were counterfeited," Rychakovska said.
According to her, in the EU, the figure was 46 pieces of counterfeit banknotes among 1 million euros.

"Most of the counterfeit banknotes are of large value - 100, 20 USD. The number of fakes is constantly decreasing, as all the shops and banks are equipped with special equipment. The hryvnia counterfeiting methods are very primitive. If people are more attentive, they can easy distinguish a fake even judging by appearance. They differ even in size and shape," the deputy head said.

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