Former interior minister Yuri Lutsenko was taken to the Mensk penal colony № 91 (Chernihiv region), where he will serve his sentence.

As the press secretary of the State Penitentiary Service in Chernihiv region Kseniya Isayenko informed, now Lutsenko is in the quarantine, diagnosis and distribution department of the Mensk colony.

"He talks with the administration," she said. Isayenko also added that the Mensk penal colony № 91 is the only penitentiary institution in Ukraine for former employees of the security agencies - police, border guards, Security Service of Ukraine and the Prosecutor's Office.

Currently, more than 500 prisoners are serving their sentence in this institution. The convicted work in furniture, carpentry, sewing workshops, as well as in the garage and in the department of manufacturing of consumer goods. Among the famous convicts, former judge Ihor Zvarych is serving the sentence in the Mensk colony.



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