Every year on September 1, hundreds of thousands of parents bring their children to school for the first time. Preparations are an exciting process for first-graders and costly enough for adults. Every parent wants his child to have and wear the best to make him happy and at the same time wants to keep some part on August salary intact. Apart from the school uniform, parents must take care of numerous little things, which are little for parents, but of utmost importance for kids. As the proverb goes, a good dress is a card of invitation, and this rule applies to the first-graders.

According to the Education Ministry data, the number of this year first-grade pupils makes 430 thousand children. ForUm has decided to find out how much one first-grade pupil actually costs.

We started from the essentials - school uniform. The choice is limited - domestic or Turkish.

The color range is also limited: green, claret red, blue, black. Despite the fact that children's uniform requires considerably less fabrics than an adult suit, the prices are the same. Jackets - from UAH 350, trousers - from UAH 250, skirts - from UAH 200, tunics - from UAH 250, meaning the full set will cost minimum UAH 550-600.

Apart from basics, children need 3-4 shirts (UAH 100 each), a pair of shoes (UAH 500-600), ties (UAH 50), bow ties (UAH 40), a couple of bows for girls (UAH 25-35), stockings (UAH 50), a pair of socks (UAH 15). Thus, the total cost for school uniform and accessories grows up to UAH 1500-1700.

Knowing their sons, many mums buy 2-3 pair of trousers. However, it is not that easy to find a spare, as the number of trousers in shops and markets is limited for some reason. According to sellers, there are plenty of jackets, but trousers are not available.

The latest fashion thing this year is to dress six-year-old kids in embroidered national shirts, which cost UAH 350 minimum.

Dressed and combed, children need schoolbags. It costs minimum UAH 180, but if your daughter wants to have Hello Kitty and your son needs Spiderman, the schoolbag will cost you UAH 250-300.

Parents also have to think of stationery. Diaries, sketchbook, exercise-books, pens and pencils, marker pens, colors will cost you additional UAH 150.

As a result, to prepare one first-grader will cost parents UAH 3-4 thousand, which is two third of the average salary in Kyiv. We did not count manuals, as the Education Ministry announced that 4.5 million books for first-grade pupils had already been delivered to Ukraine's schools.

Some parents may reduce the expenses if they have a part of stuff left from the older child, or can take something from relatives, friends or neighbors. However, for older children the school equipment costs even more.

It's obvious that every kid wants to choose his things personally and every parent wants to minimize the expenses. The key is to reach a compromise and to be in good mood. As another proverb goes, the beginning of the year will dictate the course of the next 12 months.

Tetyana Hryhorieva, photos by Maxim Trebukhov, Viktor Kovalchuk


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