Prime Minister Mykola Azarov considers that statements about the pre-default state of Ukraine are unfounded, he said in the interview with Channel 5.

"What are the grounds to think so? Have we delayed at least one payment? No, we have not. All the lenders quite responsibly and safely say that we pay all our obligations in time. That is why the government has recently entered the international capital market, placed its obligations and attracted a significant amount of money. The countries in default do not attract money," Azarov said.

"Now we have to match the statements of politicians with their ambitions. They have been predicting default for all the years we are working in the government from the very start," Azarov said.
Yushchenko said that for the first time Ukrainian debts are larger than foreign reserves. He noted that the statements about the pre-default state of Ukraine are baseless and the government has sufficient foreign reserves.

"We pay all the debts in time, we do not have any problems in this regard in this year and the next one," the head of the government said.

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