Yesterday, the Georgian authorities conducted the special operation against militants in the Lopota valley at the border with Russia, Georgian political analyst Andro Barnov told ForUm correspondent.
According to him, a few days before, several people from the Georgian villages, who went on the hunt, went missing at the border. "The authorities took all possible measures to find them and it turned out that the people were kidnapped by militants. They were required to surrender. When criminals refused, a special operation was launched against them," Barnov said.

The head of the Georgian Center for the Study of International Affairs and Security Nika Chitadze believes that Russia could contribute to penetration of the militants.

According to Chitadze, the Russian border guards could be involved. "We know that the border is securely protected from the Georgian side, but there are gorges, trails, and it is impossible to control every inch. Russia is interested in destabilizing Georgia, it's not a secret," the analyst said.
He recalled that about 300 pieces of equipment and 2.500 military men were concentrated in Dagestan in the last days.

However, Chitadze rejected the assumption that the situation with the militants may be linked to the upcoming parliamentary elections in Georgia, which will take place on October 1.

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