The Central Election Commission will carry out the decision of the Higher Administrative Court of Ukraine in the case of cancellation of registration of the former first deputy chairman of the Security Service of Ukraine Volodymyr Satsiuk as MP candidate, deputy chairman of the Central Election Commission of Ukraine Andriy Mahera told ForUm.

"Any court’s sentence coming into force should be executed. There can be no talks about enforcement of the decision," he said adding that the CEC will carry out the decision of the court on Satsiuk’s case.

Mager also explained that there is a question on a method of the implementation of the court’s sentence on the case of Satsyuk.

"In this regard, the Central Election Commission will submit an application to the Kyiv Appeal Court for explanation on the implementation of decision. We need to find out the status of the charged person. And this is actually the only thing that the CEC wants to know to fulfill the court's decision," the CEC deputy head said.

Moreover, Mahera stressed that "none of the CEC members and none of the CEC leadership declared that court decisions should not be executed."


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