Deputy chairman of the Central Election Commission of Ukraine Andriy Mahera named the most effective tool against fraud during the parliamentary election.

"In my opinion, today's most effective tools to fight fraud are the following: the mechanism of forming of district electoral commissions and polling station commissions on a party basis, the presence of observers at polling stations, including international ones, and, of course, a strong and independent judicial branch," Mahera said during online conference at ForUm.

When asked how the CEC will combat dirty election technologies, he said: "The CEC will create all possible conditions to comply with the law. I cannot assert that there will be no violations at least for one simple reason - the human factor".

Speaking of clone candidates, Mahera said that from a formal point of view, the actions of such persons do not violate the law. "However, the change of name, the surname on the eve of the election process in order to participate in the election may mislead voters," Mahera summed up.


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