The changes in the electoral system of Ukraine obstructed the work of the election process organizers, deputy chairman of the Central Election Commission of Ukraine Andriy Mahera said during online conference at ForUm.

"The change of the electoral system from proportional to the proportional-majoritarian created a lot of difficulties for the organizers of the election process. Just the registration of candidates in majority districts has already provoked a lot of problems," he said.

According to Mahera, in contrast to the 2010 presidential election, the first month of the electoral process in 2012 turned out to be complex, in the organization prospect especially. "I'm not talking about emotional issues, which arose as a result of controversial court decisions," the CEC member said.

As a reminder, parliamentary election will be held on October 28 under mixed proportional-majoritarian system: 225 members will be elected under the party list (to enter the parliament, the parties have to overcome 5% threshold), 225 will be elected in majority districts.

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