This year, 2.39 billion UAH will be spent to repair the armaments and military equipment, deputy defense minister Volodymyr Mozharovsky told a briefing, ForUm correspondent reports.

According to him, 1 billion 470 million UAH will be spent to upgrade the Su-27 warplane, the Mi-24 helicopter, Malachite radar station and several other armament units.

Also, nine warplanes, four radars, nine modernized tanks and two flight simulators will join the Ukrainian armaments at this cost by the year end.
In particular, he said, 800 million will be spent for three targeted defense programs, including the AN-70 plain, "Corvette" and the Sapsan weapon system.

Mozharovsky also said that the Defense Ministry is asking the government 20 billion of budgeted financing for the following year. According to him, if the budget request is satisfied, the Ministry will be able to increase the share of funds for the development of the army from the current 14% up to 20-25%.

The deputy minister said that this year 86% of the budget financing of the army will be spent on the maintenance proper - utilities, salaries, etc., and only 14% for combat training, purchase and repair of military equipment and weapons.

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