Paying the visit to China, the delegation of the Internal Ministry of Ukraine headed by Vitaliy Zakharchenko signed a protocol on cooperation with the Public Security Ministry of China, the Interior Ministry press service informs.

During the meeting, the leadership of the Internal Ministry of Ukraine and the leadership of the Chinese law enforcement agencies discussed the joint fight against crime, cybercrime and the reform, now being conducted in the Interior Ministry of Ukraine.

"The effectiveness of our efforts to combat crime depends on mutual understanding and cooperation at the international level. In this regard, experience of China in combating various manifestations of crime is extremely important and interesting for us," Zakharchenko said.

The technical equipment and means of video recording, widely used in China, caused considerable interest among domestic law enforcement officers.

In turn, the signing of the protocol on cooperation between the Internal Ministry of Ukraine and the Public Security Ministry of China is an important milestone in the further development of bilateral relations in the field of law enforcement. The joint seminars, workshops, and operations can be considered as a form of cooperation and exchange of experiences in the future.

"I hope that our future cooperation will help to address many specific issues for the benefit of our states," Zakharchenko said.

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