President of the Ukrgasbank Serhiy Mamedov negatively treats the forecasts of "collapse" of the national currency.

"I treat very negatively this forecast like the majority of this kind, as they are a pure speculation. Yes, we allow a small slip of hryvnia for a couple of percentage points, as fluctuations of the national currency against other currencies is a normal thing. No currency is unwavering, even the dollar, sacralized in our market. The rate of hryvnia must meet the needs of the economy. The regulator takes preventive measures to avoid the uncontrolled development and minimize panic. Therefore, it is unfoundedly to speak about significant exchange rate fluctuations, which some people call "collapse". I think it's just nonsense," president of the Ukrgasbank Serhiy Mamedov said in the interview with the Evening Kyiv newspaper.

The president of the Ukrgasbank is also convinced that the election will not significantly influence the situation in the banking sector. "The banking system is beyond the political process. At least, the policy of the National Bank and that of the Finance Ministry is not directly dependent on the distribution of seats in the Parliament. In general, we expect further sustainable development," Mamedov said.


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