One of the authors of the language law, the PR MP Vadym Kolesnichenko assures that local councils do not have a right to take a decision on granting the Russian language the status of regional.

"No local government has the right to take the decision on the status of language. This right belongs to the state. Local councils and local government authorities are entitled to inform the people and instruct local authorities to prepare a program on the implementation of the law," Kolesnichenko said.

He recommended to read carefully the decision of the regional councils to be sure that they just inform the public that on their territory such percentage of the population speaks Russian. "They speak about the need to prepare the program to solve the issues of funding, its distribution among groups and classes in kindergartens, schools after the official collection of parents’ statements on the language of teaching," Kolesnichenko noted.

In addition, the decisions of some regional councils do not have a phrase on granting the Russian language the status of the regional.


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