Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych urges Ukrainians to protect and respect the national shrines, ForUm learned from the address of the President to the Ukrainian people on the occasion of the National Flag Day, published on the President’s web site.

"It was a blue-and-yellow banne,r who has been always leading the Ukrainian people. With this flag, we confidently make our way into the future. Blue and yellow flag as a national attribute confirms the image of Ukraine in the modern democratic world. In the minds of Ukrainians it is an integral feature of the independence," Yanukovych said.

"The State Flag of Ukraine is equally proudly fluttering at the squares of our cities, in the homes of citizens, inspiring contemporaries at work, athletic accomplishments, academic achievements. What inspiration felt millions of Ukrainians during flag-raising in honor of the victory of our Olympians!" the message says.

According to Yanukovych, blue and yellow flag unites us, makes us stronger. "I call on all to protect and respect the shrines, to unite under the State F of Ukraine for a happy future. I am sure that new developments and achievements are waiting for us," the President said.

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