Foreign Ministry calls Ukrainians in Syria to agree on the evacuation from this country, director of FM press service Oleh Voloshyn told a press conference.

"Those Ukrainians, who are in Syria now, particularly in Damascus, must agree on evacuation. Nothing good will happen in Syria. Derivation of the UN mission gives evidence clearly," he said.

Voloshyn said that at this moment, it is very difficult to evacuate Ukrainians from Aleppo, because the battle actions are being carried out in this city. But he also stressed that earlier, when battles were conducted in another city, many Ukrainians living in Aleppo refused to evacuate hoping for stabilization of the situation in the country.

According to the official, the evacuation of Ukrainian citizens is complicated not only by their reluctance to leave, but the fact that many of them are not registered in the Ukrainian consulate in Syria. That is why the Foreign Ministry does not know the exact number of Ukrainian citizens staying there.


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