Currently, 36 Zaporizhia region residents are undergoing preventive treatment of anthrax.

Chief sanitary officer of Zaporizhia region Anatoly Sevalnev reported that the number of people, applied for medical assistanc,e has increased as a result of explanatory work carried out by the representatives of sanitation centers and medical institutions among the population.

"Initially, the preventive treatment was prescribed to 26 Zaporizhia region residents – people, who contacted with dead animal (a cow infected with anthrax. - Ed.), carved its carcass, sold the beef, as well as people who bought it. Then, as a result of explanatory work, other eight people applied to the clinic. They bought the beef in the same store in the period, infected beef was being sold. In addition, two people, involved in handling meat from Voznesenka village, appealed to clinic. Thus, 36 Zaporizhia region residents are under medical supervision and receive preventive treatment due to the detection of anthrax in the region," Sevalnev said.

Twice a day, the representatives of medical centers examine their skin, temperature, general condition, as well as monitor necessary medication intake.

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