In autumn, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine is planning to implement the program of partial compensation of the hypertension drugs cost, deputy healthcare minister Roman Bohachev told a press conference, ForUm correspondent reports.

"In Ukraine, 12 million people suffer from hypertension - about 32% of the adult population. Only 60% of them are aware of their heath condition, 40% of this 60% undergo more or less systematic treatment," he said.

The official said that if patients seek the help of qualified doctors and receive treatment more often, the number of deaths from cardiovascular disease will reduce significantly.

Bohachev also reported that on April 25 this year, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted the decree on the implementation of the state regulation of prices for hypertension drugs.

According to him, the pilot project includes 243 drugs. Since August 1, the extra charge for them has not exceeded 37.5% of the boundary of wholesale and retail prices, which is the first phase of the government project.

"In fall, we plan to implement the second phase - the implementation of partial compensation of the hypertension drugs price," Bohachev said. He explained that under this project, patients with recipes will purchase drugs from pharmacies, paying only a fraction of the cost of medications. However, the discount will not be provided at the cost of pharmacists. Pharmacists will collect recipes from customers, send them to the local healthcare department and receive a refund.

In addition, he noted that the mechanism of compensation for the cost of drugs is still under development, and the final drug price cannot be called yet. However, the official said that patients will be able to buy drugs of domestic manufacturers cheaper than foreign drugs. Bohachev said that the entire program is estimated at about 300 million UAH for Ukraine until the end of 2012.

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