Ukrainians, obtaining Polish citizenship, will have to deny the Ukrainian one, the Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleksandr Dikusarov told a briefing, ForUm correspondent reports.

"Citizens of Ukraine should be aware that dual citizenship is prohibited in Ukraine. The new law adopted in Poland creates certain prerequisites to obtaining Polish citizenship by Ukrainians. If a Ukrainian receives citizenship of another country, without abandoning the Ukrainian, in that case he is considered to be a citizen of Ukraine only, according to the Ukrainian legislation," he said.

Dikusarov noted that obtaining Polish citizenship, Ukrainians may face some conflict in the field of international law. "There are certain collisions and this question should be settled by lawyers," the representative of the Foreign Ministry said.

He explained that if a person with dual Ukrainian-Polish citizenship commits a crime or offense, he will fall under the jurisdiction of the Ukrainian law in Ukraine and under the Polish legislation in Poland.


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